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Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater 3.5KW

Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater 3.5KW

  • Touch sensitive LCD display
  • Temperature accuracy (+/- 1°C) at steady state
  • Whisper quiet DC pump (on select models)


  • Set your desired shower temperature with Touch sensitive LCD display 
  • Whisper quiet DC pump (on select models) to give you excellent water pressure with low sound
  • 3-in-1 Rheem compact valve
  • 6 spray modes to provide you with a variety of shower experiences
  • Rain shower included for an added touch of elegance and comfort


  • Software to avoid overheating to prevent scalding
  • Incoming and outgoing water temperature sensors to ensure that outgoing water temperature will be at your desired setting, no matter what temperature incoming water is at
  • Electric Shock Protection (on select models) 
  • Water splash-proof case with IP25 protection to protect internal electrical components from water

Peace of Mind:

  • Durable and long lasting incoloy heating element to provide you with hot showers for many years
  • Replaceable heating element to ensure if ever our durable incoloy heating element is faulty, you only need to replace the heating element, instead of replacing the entire water heater
  • Stainless-steel heating chamber to provide protection against corrosion and rust for long lasting performance
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